Tom and Zana Curtis at Stapleford Park

I was approached recently by a professional photographer I knew to photograph his wedding, I was overwhelmed and a little daunted by the prospect, however, I gladly accepted. I am an admirer of Tom’s work, and have followed his endeavours for some time, since he has been working in London; he even had the opportunity to photograph Caprice! Bob Carlos Clarke may have even been slightly jealous about that. Anyway, we have become quite good friends over the last 2 years, and for him and his fiancee to approach me to photograph their wedding has left me with a sense of dignity to say the least. It felt honoured to meet his ‘wife-to-be,’ Zana Rose, who is an excellent fashion designer/dress maker at ‘Body Boutique by Zana Rose.’ I happen to know this because the dress she chose to wear on her big day, she actually designed and made herself. A very talented couple I have to say. They chose a stunning venue too, be the creative types, they naturally decided upon Stapleford Park, a true reflection of their refinement. Thank you both for choosing me to photograph your wedding, I feel privileged to have been a part of your special day. I wish you both the best of luck. Congratulations.x179.jpg172.jpg162.jpg2.jpg


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